Food expert and creator Erwan Heusaff redefines “Buhay Carinderia”

Buhay Carinderia helps to improve the carinderia’s image, boost entrepreneurial spirit and present uniquely Pinoy style of cooking to a wider audience.

Supported for the first time by the Tourism Promotions Board through COO Cesar Montano, this year’s staging is more expansive in scope.

The event is scheduled to scour the whole country in search of the best of the best in our culinary scene.


“We are very proud to be a partner in this endeavour. The Tourism Promotions Board fully supports the “Buhay Carinderia” event to help boost not only our tourism but also our economy.

“We will be visiting regions to search for the best if not most impactful, home-cooked dishes these carinderias are preparing.

“We will also be looking for young ambassadors who should be able to present to the world, their town’s unique food offerings and cooking styles.

“More than the adobo, the laing, the pinakbet, the sinigang, the lechon, there are a lot of unique food offerings to explore in each region,” Cesar says.

According to Linda Legaspi of Marylindbert International, places to be visited are areas of Regions 1 and 2 of Northern Luzon and Cordillera Administrative Region.

Local culinary experts will gather at Vigan Convention Center from June 28 to 29 where they will not only share their talent to everyone but interact with chosen students of the area- through mentoring partnership-so they could also pass on their skills and experiences.


Other areas to be explored are Central Luzon, the Bicol region, the Visayas region and finally the Mindanao region. To cap off the nine-month culinary journey all over the Philippines, “Buhay Carinderia…Redefined” will stage its biggest culinary event in November where all the regional bests under one roof will be showcased.

Erwan as content creator


For famous restaurateur and online celebrity blogger Erwan Heusaff, the husband of actress and TV host Anne Curtis, he is proud of his role as the project’s content creator.

After all his blog “thefatkidinside” has been viewed by millions since 2011, his Facebook page has about 1 million likes, 1.14 million followers on Twitter, half a million subscribers on youtube and 1.9 million more on Instagram making him a top media influencer.

But there’s more to him than just internet popularity. He has long been an advocate of healthy and affordable eating, his recent crusade being the P150/day meal to prove that if you eat local, you don’t even need to break the bank.

He’s also making lots of shows in the Philippines from travel to food to farming and sustainability, a true love for country resonates in his content.

“I may not be Filipino food expert yet, there are so many dishes that I still need to discover, but I’m curious to keep learning and I am a staunch advocate of our culinary culture,” says Erwan.

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