Erwin Tulfo headlines PTV’s ‘Ulat Bayan’ with other journalists

“Para sa Bayan” (For the Nation) that is the mission that drives broadcast journalist Erwin Tulfo as he more takes the helm of PTV’s primetime newscast. 

“More than ever, especially with this pandemic, the Filipinos need a constant, reliable news source. That is why I am here at the government’s premier station, to do exactly that.”

Tulfo joined the team of Aljo Bendijo, Alex Santos and Dianne Querer for the daily one hour program of PTV. 

In the revamped newscast, Ulat Bayan features exclusive reports and investigative series, on top of the comprehensive coverage of national and local reports. 

Aside from Erwin Tulfo, the early weeks of Ulat Bayan showcased special reports from its other anchors, Querer, Bendijo and Santos. These reports covered wide-ranging topics from public accountability, erring public officials and controversial government projects. 

“We are happy our General Manager, Katkat De Castro is herself a former journalist and producer. She is encouraging us to do what needs to be done to make our show at par with other mainstream programs,” Tulfo added. 

Dubbed as Power 4, they combine their decade long journalistic experiences to up the ante of the state-run television network. 

“For the four of us, we discuss what we need to banter on air to present things in their best light. Pandemic na nga so, we try to lighten up and be inspirational also. We see to it we end with a happy and hopeful note too,” Tulfo added. 

Initial audience metrics have so far indicated that the public has been receptive and supportive of the rebranded PTV. 

“Keep watching us, every day 6 pm to 7 pm. Learn and be informed and see your taxes used to better your lives by the kind of shows we bring you,” Tulfo ended.

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