Bad performance happens to most of the singers. Failed on hitting the right note, anything unexpected happens. But queens protect their thrones. From failing to raising their voices as true queens of Philippine music.

Morissette remembers one experience abroad where she almost cancelled her performance because of her voice’s status. It was in Dubai, the Asia’s Phoenix panicked. With trying times, she continues singing.


“Anything can really happen. It can never be super perfect. You can learn from that experience.”

Her co-star, in “A LaniMorissette Musical Journey” which is happening on September 22 and 23 at Solaire, Lani Misalucha shares the same experience.

The Asia’s Nightingale says, “Nawala na rin ang boses ko.”


Settled in Las Vegas, Lani always finds that “kaba” in her heart every time she sings. One thing is sure, she always giving us a pure and powerful performance. Her whistle is so unquestionable.

If the icon whistles, the young diva has her own way of whistling. She whistles like a bird, flying, soaring, totally powerful and incomparable.

The two agree on how whistle adds power, “It’s really amazing,
there’s another texture to your singing.”

Equally powerful, everyone is just so excited to witness the two divas in two-night musical show. What to expect?

“Our show is going to be a lovely show. The stories, the adventure that we went through.
Sharing of our beautiful story through beautiful singing,” Lani highlights.

Morissette is just blessed, “Makasama si Ms. Lani, pressure na agad. I want to equal that. Gusto ko magcompliment sa galing ni Ms. Lani. I’ts pressure, good pressure. It pushes me to do good.”

Experienced singer, a true global force, Lani has that kind heart who listens and gives space to new comers. She does not care if you’re a star or not. She’s a believer. A believer of true talent like Morissette whose voice sings global.

“If this what you love, then do it. Hindi mo maaaring may ma-sacrifice na isa. Go ahead. I-mold mo pa ang iyong craft, talent. You are already a very good artist,” a kind icon to young artist.


Lani adds, “Be grateful, always acknowledge the one who gave that. You always have to ask for guidance.”

As Lani cries, Morissette repeats that Lani is a true queen.

“Yung passion nya, she values her relationship with God. Sobrang grateful ako to be working with such empowered woman. Kahit na ang daming success na dumarating sa career, wag makakalimot sa mga taong tumulong. That makes her a queen.”

Catch Lani and Morissette as they double the whistle in “A LaniMorissette Musical Journey” on September 22 and 23 at Solaire.

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