Does Lance Raymundo find “the one” for him after near-death accident

Singer-songwriter recalls near-death experience. A memory. A life-changing accident. But instead of fear, anger, and depression, Lance Raymundo faces life with open arms and heart, a forgiving one, and what truly amazing, that experience helps his sense of artistry, finding his the one.

“It really helped. It allowed me to know my value from within. Maybe this is the reason why I can write a song na walang palamuti. I was willing to face my life. Sabi ko, kahit hindi nyo na pagandahin basta mabuhay lang ako.

“I told myself (if that was the scenario) na unsuccessful ‘yung pagpapaayos ng face ko and naka-wheel chair ako forever, mababawasan ba ‘yung humanity ko? Hindi, di ba?

“Acceptance came easy. Forgiveness came easy din.”

Well-rounded musician, he wrote the song “You Are The One” which is dedicated to her ex-girlfriend. When he writes a song, he means that. Every message and story that he’s telling through his songs comes from his truth. Lance also shares that he wrote more than 200 songs. Luckily, Viva Records amazed by “You Are The One” or #YATO.

“You Are The One came from the heart. It’s what I am so bakit ko pa sya kailangang bihisan with the trends just to make it acceptable.”

The #YATO singer-songwriter believes that as an artist you don’t have to go with the trend to stay current. For Lance, it’s how he delivers his song the way it should be remembered by many people. He wishes to create hits and that people will not forget.

“For me, I’d rather have a song that even if it’s not like what the entire population will not listen to now, it’s gonna be listened to and appreciated by a chunk that’s huge enough, that maybe 10 years from now, they are still listening to it, so I want something that is more timeless.”

Now that #YATO is out, for sure millennials and all listeners will appreciate this deep, touching music. Lance knows his music. He is not pretentious. A singer who stays true to his singing and not afraid to expose his truth as an artist.

Truth is, he’s single and it’s not a big deal for him. Being single gives him more time for career and gives him time to finding his the one. I belive he just found his the one. Not a special woman but a career that is close to his heart–singing with a purpose.


If for others, it was a worst experience, for Lance, it’s more of a life-changing. That accident brings him to a whole new arena where singing is not just a job, but singing is a gift from God and it’s always good to sing with a purpose. That is his the one.

“You Are The One” (#YATO) is out on iTunes and Spotify under Viva Records and check the music video on Youtube.

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