Dingdong Dantes becomes more focused as father, husband

Caltex recently introduced its latest brand ambassador, Jose Sixto Gonzalez Dantes III, more popularly known as Dingdong Dantes. 

Among his many feats is being an award-winning Filipino actor, film producer, television presenter, and an effective endorser. He also co-owns a car dealership in Paranaque; manages his own film studio, AgostoDos Pictures, and serves as the founding chairman of YesPinoy Foundation. 

Aside from these, Dingdong is also a husband and is a father to two kids.

“Dantes’ roster of achievements is a testament to his determination to keep on taking new challenges whether in acting, in business, or his personal life, each time beating his personal best,” said Louie Zhang, 

CPI Country Chairman. “Aside from this, he is also the perfect embodiment of Caltex’s tagline and philosophy of “Enjoy the Journey.” 

He represents the brand’s personality of being positive, friendly, genuine, and he encourages people to enjoy the journey of whatever they are doing and wherever they are going.”

What drives the actor to always do his best? Admittedly, he said it’s his growing family. Now a new dad to baby boy Ziggy, Dantes is now more focused on his new role as a father and husband to wife Marian.

It was no secret that he wanted to run as senator during the 2019 midterm Philippine elections. But he had a change of heart when he learned of his wife’s pregnancy. Instead, he decided to  take care of Marian during her pregnancy and to be with her growing kid Zia, now 4 years old.

As the new brand ambassador, caltex customers expect to see more of Dantes as he embark on teaching more about the product which recently fueled a world-breaking campaign. 

Caltex partnered with Guinness World Records and set the timing of 6 minutes 52.692 seconds, with car racer  Natasha Chang achieving the coveted title of the fastest ascent of Doi Chang Mountain Road by using a 28-year old car.

Together with Chang in the recent journey was KC Montero. The three celebrities now bond together as brand ambassadors for the fuel that made a Guinness  World record.

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