Cong. Eric Singson preserves music culture in Candon City

Congressman Eric Singson has that love for music. He makes ways to preserve (and also conserve) music culture in Candon City, the city of arts and culture.

He vows to create more projects that help the arts and culture of the city.

One of the projects that he supports is the Candon Music Festival, a three-day festival of music from May 23-25, 2019 which will be held at the Bagani Campo Concert Grounds, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.

“Our objective is to really inspire our young kids in our community. The program that they will appreciate with the presence of good musicians. With this first music festival, we intend to hold an annual music festival in Ilocos Sur. We also thinking of promoting our province as tourist destination.”

Through his MDS Foundation, music culture in Candon maintains.

“We organized the MDS Foundation to help our young people in our community. We send some young artists or young musicians to St. Paul University to take up good music. We have 8 graduates. Sila ‘yung nagturo sa mga bata,” he shares.

The politician-music advocate adds, “Doon kami nag organize ng program for the young ones, to train them to play particularly classical music.

“We would like to inspire them. We have around 300 students being taught by our group. The MDS foundations ang nagpapatakbo ng music program ng Candon City.”

The festival will showcase a wide repertoire of music designed to captivate audiences with varied tastes ranging from classical performances, pop music, rave, and rock.

It will feature some of the country’s most listened bands and artists.

May 23 ( Thursday ): Banda ni Kleggy, Deck of Cards, IMAGO, Manila Symphony Orchestra, Noel Cabangon, Philippine Cello Ensemble, Prof. Ronan Ferrer, Tenor and Spongecola.

May 24 ( Friday ): 6Cyclemind, Candon City Chamber Orchestra, Candon City Children’s Choir, Candon City Chorale, Gloc-9, Gracenote, Moonstar88, Pinoy Brass, and Tila Baliw.

May 25 ( Saturday): Aimee Mina de la Cruz ( Marimba ), Cardona Youth Symphonic Band, Davey Langit, DJ Patty Tiu, Jammers, Kabataang Gitarista, Orange & Lemons, Rivermaya and Ryan Cayabyab Singers.

Special guests include Regina Garabiles ( Soprano ), Jedessa Calacday ( Soprano ), Melissa Nartatez ( Piano ), Joy Allan de la Cruz ( Viola ), and DJ Lester Paul M. Vaño.

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