A Cold Weather With Hottie Agassi

Photo by: Janus Novio

We sit down with chinito charm, young hottie Agassi Ching and there is certain “flirtiness” that is coming from his youthful, adorable personality. He talks about being young and how time is so important for him— “Sulitin ko na habang bata pa ako. Kasi, kapag matanda na ako, hindi ko na magagawa yung gusto ko,” Agassi expresses. The man, with his flirty, strong presence, voices out with his inner, deep-sense thoughts. He can be your friend, for the fact that he’s approachable and that lightness and softness coming from his face aura is a deal that he’s an extra, good friend.

Part of his routine is going to gym, flexing, achieving his #bodygoals but he’s more than that. He owns a fitness gym in Mindanao Ave, Quezon City. The name of his gym comes from his initials—ANC Fitness Gym, which ANC stands for Agassi N. Ching, his full name. So for a young artist like him, that could be a plus factor because he manages to have his own business. He is so dedicated that’s why his dream of having a gym is a taste of reality. His body is a major turn on as he carries himself very well with good choices of clothes, and that he embodies an ultimate hunk.

Agassi was part of JaDine’s ‘Til I Meet You’ and some films where he got to play a role. He likes being in front of the camera and says that it’s always his dream to become a star. He walks his talks. He puts his words into actions. He goes to acting workshop, believing that it could help him improve his acting skills. He currently enrolled in PETA workshop where he experienced writing his own script, making his own props, and delivering dialogues in his most honest sense.

He believes that after joining Mr. Chinatown, he becomes more and more interested to entertainment industry. He’s a total package—he can sing, he can model, he can host, he can draw, and he can act. Simply because he’s so passionate about what he’s doing. He’s aware that show business is not just a pretty face but talent shines. He hosted Miss Tourism 2017 and that proves that his bookable not just in modeling but also in hosting. His charm and that “chinito” eyes make way to book him as a model. He experienced doing ramp like walking for Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week and posing for magazines like Scene Zoned mag and Asian Dragon mag.

This hottie sings with his heart. He was part of 143 band but decided to quit the show for his own reason. But that doesn’t stop him from performing. He continues creating songs and playing songs. He appeared in Acer, New balance, Honda, and Megaworld’s AVP. He becomes memorable when he did the AVP for Megaworld where his fans begin to notice him. He is also the social media endorser of Cafe Marla, a sister company of PSR. And one thing he wanna say that people should not settle for less, like him who is excited every time he discovers new things in life.

For traveling gives him a reason to enjoy life, a reason to escape from city’s pressuring vibe. Agassi loves to travel. He loves exploring new things for it gives him a something to look forward to. On what his top places, he answers Coron because of the life that Coron has to offer; Tagagtay because he loves cold weather and always loves to be in cold places; Pampanga because that is his province and always excited to visit his province where he comes from. While he was enumerating his top places, there’s this honesty and authenticity about him. Every time he describes place, he puts his honesty and that as a listener you wanted to visit the place. That means he’s believable as an artist that he no need pretensions.

What he wants to say, he wants to say. He masters the art of authenticity. You would believe what he has to say and I call it “magic” because he is able to attract his viewers or listeners. Surprisingly, he says that he’s being insecure every time he’s with other artists. He feels like he’s not enough to really stand out. And that’s his honest confession. Behind that good-looking face is an honest guy that knows himself. On what he has become or what’s his discovery about himself, Agassi shares that “Anything is possible. Akala ko walang chance.” He comes to a point where he believes that he cannot do the things he loves to do but passion helps him to achieve what he wants in life.

We play with questions and he answers it all with honesty. On being good looking, he claims “hindi lahat nakukuha.” His obsession, he says “armpits.” On the qualities of a girl he is looking for, he shares “dapat loyal sya, sweet, caring, pwede ko maging kabiruan, petite, mahaba ang hair, and may dimples.” On who the sexiest celebrities for him, he enumerates “Nadine Lustre, Jen Mercado, Yassi Pressman, and Aubrey Miles.” This guy is game. He doesn’t mind what kind of questions we have for him. He’s playful and at the same serious about things. Agassi explains that if he loves a girl, he will do anything for her.

A good-looking, hottie guy with deep-sense thoughts is your next hunk actor. He understands what television is all about and he understands that as an artist, you have to elevate yourself. The road to fame is not an instant and he understands that and that’s what he works hard for. Though being a “chinito” struggles him to get a role, but he is a wall breaker, saying that “chinito” guy can be a bigstar too. He speaks well—he can host. He plays guitar and sings—he can sing. He acts—he can be an actor. What he wants—a role that will show his passion as an actor. He got the body and that “flirtiness” and youthfulness personality but behind that is Agassi who is serious, passionate, believable, and has that sense of authenticity.

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