Clique V, Belladonnas pay tribute to parents

All male group Clique V and all female group Belladonnas earn rave reviews as they pay tribute to their parents in all out concert “This Is Me,” February 23, SM North Skydome.

Clique V and Belladonnas dedicate “Iingatan Ka,” “Wind Beneath My Wings,” and other touching songs to their parents. Talent manager Len Carrillo becomes emotional.

That’s a good moment for them—being able to share the same stage with the special persons they love.

I have written before that honoring parents in a concert is such a sweet, humbling moment because it’s like going back to your roots, it’s like answering question “Who are you?” and by having your mom or your dad on stage is like telling the world “This Is Me.” This is how my parents have raised me.

Looks and on top talents, Clique V and Belladonnas prove that they got the x factor to penetrate concert stage.

“This Is Me” is produced by Len Carrillo of 3:16 events and talent management. With special performances by Hashtags member CK, GMA stars Sanya Lopez and Jak Roberto and Arron Villaflor.

After the successful concert, Clique V and Belladonnas are ready to showcase acting skills in “Kodep.” 

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