Chito Miranda gifted wife Neri Naig with a .22 caliber rifle for Christmas

by PSR News Bureau


Parokya Ni Edgar frontman and lead vocalist Chito Miranda recently gifted his wife Neri Naig with an early Christmas present: a .22 caliber rifle! The actress posted a photo on her Instagram account saying: “Wow! Early Christmas gift from my husband! Wow! Kinikilig ako ng sobra sobra! While other girls gustong makatanggap ng mga mamahaling bags, ako mas trip ko ‘to. Salamat, baby ko! Ibang klase ka talaganga magpakilig! Haaay.”

Chito later explained why he gave his wife an unconventional gift. “Got my wife her own rifle para sumama na siya sa akin tuwing magfa-firing ako at para kapag may magnanakaw, she’d be able to protect herself better.”

843f23c7f“I do understand that the .22 rifle isn not the best defensive ammo, but the fact is, it has been, and will always be used extensively for self-defense. And having it is still a lot better than not having anything at all. At saka sobrang na-enjoy ni Neri yun dati when she tried it the first time.”

Oh, well, what can the Philippine Showbiz Republic ( news bureau team say on this issue? Chito and Neri may be a bit weird as a couple. But for as long as they’re happy and not hurting anyone else, let them be! As they say in the vernacular: “Walang basagan ng trip!”

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