CEO’s Christmas wish

Beautiful inside and outside—the owner of Beautederm, Rhea Tan earns Outstanding Professional Award 2018 from Superbrands. She is truly a woman of passion and inspiration. This coming Christmas, she only wishes to balance everything, to tell more stories, to help more, and to explore.

“My wish for my family is to stay patient with me as I continue this journey I’m on. I try my hardest to balance everything and make sure that my family is not compromised so I wish they would continue to understand that all I do is for them, for us.

“To my love, Beautéderm, I only wish for better things to come. To be able to branch out more, to explore new possibilites and make more people discover self love. More success, more lives changed, more beautéful stories to tell.”

One beautiful story to tell is her recent recognition from Superbrands. 

The lady boss writes, “Beauty and wellness both inside and out are attainable realities that we can all access everyday. I thank Superbrands for finding favor in the work that I do. To be in the company of some of the country’s most brilliant and amazing individuals is the sweetest and most beautiful honor that is given to me. I stand here not just as an individual — I stand here in behalf of all the women — mothers, daughters, wives, aunts, grandmothers — who dream not just for themselves but for their loved ones as well. To all the women who stumbled and fell — there is always hope to rise up and face the Beautiful Life The Lord intended for all of us to have. Thank you Superbrands — from the bottom of my heart.”

Her company makes every woman beautiful and confident. As boss herself, she carries the image of being beautiful not just the beauty we see but the beauty that is within. She always makes sure that her customers are confident. She’s a woman who fights, who loves, who cares, who works, who dreams. In the Philippines, we always admire empowered women. She is one of them.

Now that the brand is growing, the Beautederm CEO has plans this Christmas.


“To end this year of abundant blessings, Beautéderm’s next project for Christmas will be all about giving back. I am a firm believer of paying it forward and I know that I have been given this platform and capacity to help more people, and so I will. A Christmas well spent will be to know that others get to live a life they truly deserve.”

It’s all about giving back. No question how blessed she is, not just as a career woman, but as a wife. She balances everything; she has time for business, for friends, for family. Very successful woman. Her secret reveals.

“I believe in 3 things when it comes to success.

“Faith—I have strengthened my faith through prayer and thanksgiving. In every decision I come across, I make sure to ask for His guidance before anything else. It will never be cliché for me to give thanks and praise for all the blessings.

“Hardwork—My determination, drive and passion have always pushed me into doing things that I thought were impossible. Today, I work as hard as I did when I started. I have been hands on and will continue to strive harder to improve and pass on my resilience to others.

“Inspiration—I keep myself surrounded by those who inspire me to achieve successs. My family, my friends, my loyal staff, and everyone who believes in me and what I can do. Negativity has never been a part of my life and so I keep a positive outlook and take in the things that will keep me inspired.”

What makes her woman of the year? Her power to inspire woman, and translate her stories to realities. Her ability to convince every woman to always take care of themselves, to always be beautiful inside and outside, and to always be kind.

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