Celebrities support inclusive clothing line Evry

“We set out to create a shirt that’s actually worthy of being worn daily with the comfort, style, and durability that you can expect out of an everyday shirt,” said Wesley Que, co-owner of clothing line Evry. The brand had its successful virtual media launch last Tuesday.

Born out of the owners’ search for a shirt that fits them to a tee, Evry fulfills the need for ease and comfort when dressing up for work or leisure.

The brand inspired by highly esteemed business icons, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, supports the simplified way of deciding what to wear everyday and pushes for increased productivity.

Evry makes sure it leaves no one behind as the brand guns for inclusivity. From its roster of ambassadors to its group of sewers, everyone involved in the brand is given importance.

Most visible in the frontlines are brand ambassadors Patricia Reyes, Josh Holganza, Ajay Olaita, Gab Gajita, Janica Reloxe, Johannes Rissler, Dan Delgado, and Markki Stroem.

Celebrities like Ariel Rivera, Hero Angeles, Migs Bustos, and Jed Madela have also expressed their support.

As Que said, “Only a shirt crafted with this level of skill, precision, and hard work deserves to be worn everyday.”

He is leading us to fact that the sewers behind every piece of clothing put their hearts into the art.

The brand works with a community-based company that helps provide work for sewers, displaced from their previous jobs because of the pandemic.

Every time a shirt is purchased, a portion of the payment goes to the scholarship fund of the sewers’ children.

“Our custom-made FLO fabric is designed to move with you. It flows and stretches while still being durable and anti-wrinkle,” Que said. The proud owner went on to establish the kind of quality these shirts have and the wide range of size options being given to their consumers.

Que added, “Made with some of the best pima cotton in the world, our fabric is stretchier and wrinkles much less than the other material because of how FLO fabric stretches and flows. Extra care has been taken in each step of the sewing process.” This kind of feature allows the shirt to match different body types.

Evry shirts let you do what you are meant to do in life. One gets to wear his goal-getting partner on a daily basis. “Like what we always say, it is meant for everyday, for #EvryJuan,” Que ended.

Check out Evry in its online platforms Instagram (@evry.today), Facebook (Evry Day Wear), and website http://www.evry.today.

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