What brings Raoul Imbach to singing

HE knew that he can carry a tune. For a tyke at 5 years old, it’s not even yodelling in the French part of the Swiss Alps that taught him to carry a tune.

“At 5 years old, I knew in my heart, that singing really will run through my blood  no matter what I do. No matter what I get my hands into.”

Life’s direction took him to become the Swiss Ambassador to the Philippines. His first wife was a Filipina whom he had a daughter now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. And his current wife is a Vietnamese who is a businesswoman and alo travels the world.

He’s been into several countries and as he lives the life of an expat, he gets inspired by the culture and way of life of the people he mingles with.

“The very reason I was able to make that song, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” and “Binibini,” I fell in love with the Philippines.”

His life as an Ambassador to the Philippines ends this month so, he will have enough time to promote his album and the gigs he will do in the months to come.

“I just feel inspired. That I will have a show at the CCP Little Theatre in July 30- A Prelude to a New Life.

“After four years in my life as an Ambassador, I am taking a Sabbatical. I was also given the opportunity to have a TV show, “An evening with Raoul”  on IBC 13, Saturday nights at 10 p.m.  starting on July 1, 2017.”

In his concert, Raoul will be performing with The Wild Tortillas. The concert is part of the celebrations organized by the Swiss Embassy in the Philippines for the 60 years of Diplomatic Relations of Switzerland and the Philippines.


The friendly lad has immensely enjoyed his life as an expat and now would like to share his music in the entertainment world!

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