#BeyondBeautéful: Rhea Tan leads Women’s Month with Sparkle women

Last March 7, Beautéderm CEO and founder Rhea Tan celebrated Women’s Month with women from Sparkle GMA Artist Center. She said, “I am cheering for every #BeyondBeautéful woman out there.”

As a female boss who runs her own empire, Rhea shared, “Women come in all shapes and sizes and we are strongest when we cheer each other on. Behind my success is also a woman—my mother who raised, guided, and empowered me.”

The Beautéderm boss added, “So wherever you come from, rally behind other women who also dream big, work hard, and wish to shine.”

Tan’s empire is in the business of beauty and wellness since 2009 with now products ranging from skincare items to health supplements and even beauty devices.

Through the years, her brand has carved its place in the industry with trusted mainstream celebrities and social media influencers in its roster of brand ambassadors.

Cassy Legaspi, Sanya Lopez, Bianca Umali with Ruru Madrid and Rayver Cruz renewed their contracts. During the contract renewal, five fresh faces were added to the brand’s stellar lineup of endorsers. Introduced as Beautéderm’s newest endorsers were Patricia Tumulak, Buboy Villar, Thia Thomalla, Ysabel Ortega, and EA Guzman. 

“Beautéderm is beyond grateful and beyond beautiful. We believe that these stars—Patricia, Buboy, Thia, Ysabel, and EA are perfect example for what beyond beautiful means. We are dedicated to reaching more people all over the world, making sure they have quality products to rely on—from beauty to wellness products. And by expanding more, we are able to help more people—from elderly people to our scholars,” Tan shared.

Under her company, Tan gives free scholarships to underprivileged children and provides quality assistance to elderly people.

“For me, beauty goes beyond the face. It is reflected in one’s soul. The intention of Beautéderm is not just to make people beautiful and glowing, but to extend hands to those in need—through the support and success of our resellers, distributors, and franchisees.

“What you do to the communities make you beautiful. Recently, some of our scholars graduated with honors and that makes me extremely happy—that is the real measure of success—the number of hearts and lives you’ve touched,” Tan ended. 

Cassy, Bianca, Ruru, Rayver, and Sanya, together with Patricia, Buboy, Thia, Ysabel, and EA, who are all endorsing Blanc Set, an effective and proven skincare regimen that delivers visible results in as early as one week, expressed their gratitude to Tan.

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