Bela shuts down bashers

Hindi pinalampas ni Bela Padilla ang post ng isang netizen na nagngangalang Patty Tagal na hinahamak ang mga artista.

Sey kasi ng nasabing netizen, dapat daw ay hindi na sumasawsaw sa isyu ng pulitika ang mga artista at makuntento na lang na magpasaya ng mga tao dahil wala raw namang naniniwala sa kanilang mga opinyon sa social media.

Sabi ni @pattytagal: “Dear singers and actors: we spend our hard earned money to hear your music and to watch you pretend to be characters in movie and on tv. your job is to entertain us. to take us away from reality. your personal opinion means nothing to us. you are significant and influential only in your own mind, and within the minds of your elitist peers. you are a marionette to us. nothing more. sing, act, shut up.”

Resbak naman ni Bela:

“Patty is the exact type of person who agrees w/ the Anti Terror Bill and you can see why with how she see people. Might I respectfully remind you Patty, that the Entertainers of this country pay insane amount of taxes that contribute to society you live in, @pattytagal.”

Nakakuha naman ng kakampi si Patty sa isang netizen na si @jancamoro na pinaaalalahanan ang aktres.

“The amount of your tax does not make your opinion more correct. Valuable – pwede due to the reach of your fame. Unfortunately, you are idolized by your talent or whatever and not because of your POV. Also, the limit of your freedom of expression is when you start fostering hate,” sey ni @jancamoro.

Paliwanag naman ni Bela:

“The only point here is that Patty said we shouldn’t have an opinion at all. That’s all I was answering. Nowhere in my tweet will you read an implication that anyone’s opinion is better 😊.”

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