Beautéderm owner Rhea Tan shares hope for 2022: Be together, spend time with no fear

The PSR is picking Rhea Tan as this year’s overachiever. Rhea is the owner of leading beauty and wellness brand, the Beautéderm.

Rhea spent her time this year as CEO helping communities. In October, she donated 500,000 cash, 3 million worth of Beautéderm product essentials, and 350,000 worth of grocery items to Typhoon Maring victims in Ilocos.

In November, when Ulysses hit our country, Rhea sold her branded bags and handed proceeds to typhoon victims. 

The generous business owner extended her hands to different hospitals and frontliners and donated their medical needs during COVID-19 pandemic.

Through her Beautéderm Contribéaut, she also gave cash to affected families during first and second lockdown. Some of the receivers were students and teachers.

Recently, the business mogul helped Typhoon Odette victims. Last November and December, she launched Maja Salvador, Andrea Brillantes, and Jelai Andres as Beautéderm’s newest endorsers.

Her newly launched products Reiko and Kenzen are out now. 

Rhea’s hope for 2022

“My hope for the New Year is for the pandemic to end and that everyone will be Blessed with a fresh new start this 2022.

“The past two years were very trying and challenging.

“I wish for business to pick-up. I pray that family and friends could be together and spend time with each other with no fear and anxiety in their hearts.

“I am hoping for the sustained and continued decline of covid cases not only here in the Philippines but around the world as well. 

“And it is my fervent Prayer that we all value our health and never take things for granted — especially the simple things that bring us so much joy: long lunches with friends, family bondings, and physical time with the people we care for.”

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