Beautederm makes every Filipina confident; CEO Rhea Tan knows how to handle success

Almost 10 years of making every Filipina beautiful and confident, Beautederm reaches more customers locally and globally. Recently, it opened new store in Davao, attended by its CEO Rhea Tan, who carries huge success with such kindness and purity.

Beautederm is now one of the leading beauty houses in the country. It is celebrating its 10th anniversary in November. Kapuso stars Ken Chan and Pauline Mendoza were introduced as their newest endorsers after award-winning actress Lorna Tolentino. 

New products are displayed to the public. For online lovers, their products are available online. They can search Beautederm on facebook, and instagram. Everything is there.

With these achievements, the CEO lady, for sure, knows how to handle success, and also fame. She handles it gracefully with open heart and mind, who is willing to listen and share. She’s the kind of CEO who works very hard, who values opinions, who treats workers like her family, who thinks creatively, and who loves her customers.

She rose to popularity and established her throne through her passion, hard work, and creativity. The love that she puts to her business is really impressive. The result is—Beautederm becomes the leading beauty house today. People are talking and people are using the products.

Why people are not afraid to try her products, is that she’s a proof herself, that Beautederm really improves not just your physical appearance but also your inner self. For Rhea, having that glowing inner self defines your perspective, and shows how you take care of yourself.

In an interview, during presscon for Lorna Tolentino as the newest endorser, Rhea discussed her plans for the upcoming months—including having millennial endorsers and more useful products for the beauty, health, and home.

With these plans, Beautederm is here to stay longer, not to compete but to make every Filipina confident. As Rhea said, “I only compete with one person: myself.”

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