Beautederm boss is more than proud of Carlo Aquino

If there is one big proud of Carlo Aquino’s success in Exes Baggage (142 million in 5 days), that scent belongs to Beautederm CEO Rhea Tan, who’s not just a boss, but a friend too.

“I am very happy and proud of Carlo. He has been a part of my life for a long time and as his “Achi,” I celebrate all his success with him.

“Exes Baggage” is showing in more than 200 cinemas nationwide. One review says, Carlo and Angelica prove that they have timeless chemistry. For Beautederm boss, Carlo (Beautederm endorser) shows excellent acting ability. She adds, the actor is so authentic. The film is an evidence of truthfulness and authenticity of characters and even the story.

“Exes Baggage is a very real and natural film. It’s nice to see #CarGel back on-screen, together, knowing that they are both in good places in their lives. Beautéderm is a proud sponsor for the movie.”

While becoming so busy with her beauty and scent empire, Rhea finds time to balance everything, from business to supporting her endorsers’ projects.

“It always boils down to finding the balance between everything. Before the business, I will always be a mother and a wife first to my family. I make time for them and see to it I make time to monitor the business as well.”

Such a supportive boss to her endorsers. She has been very supportive to actress Sylvia Sanchez. Now, it’s Carlo’s turn as the boss shows full support through block screening and unending social media posts.

“To Carlo, my shoti, thank you for the trust. Thank you for giving your time and energy to Beautéderm. I appreciate everything you do for the brand and for me. I only pray for your success and for you to find your happiness.”

Millions of Filipinos are becoming aware of the brand that Rhea builds. In fact, Beautederm is one of the trusted brands when it comes to beauty. Not just it nurtures beauty, it gives confidence to young and modern women and also to working men. But it doesn’t stop there, it caters all. Look, Sylvia, Carlo, Glydel, Tonton, and many more who are the faces of Beautederm.

Ladyboss updates, “As of today, Beautéderm has 41 physical stores, both local and international. I can’t say how many ambassadors we have exactly as our family is growing and I also consider my customer base as my ambassadors as well. Beautéderm has celebrities, public servants, models and real people who endorse the brand’s promise of beauty.”

Running a business comes with best and worst.

The worst side

“I believe there is no “worse” side but rather unsatisfactory experiences. I have learned that you really can’t please everyone so there still are bashers and disgruntled people who have nothing nice to say. There were times that they affected me but I have taught myself to just ignore those people and take in what I can as constructive criticism. I choose to turn the “worst” into the “best.”

The best side

“The best part of having this business are the messages I receive from different customers. Whenever they show me their before & after photos, when they send me their testimonials and thank me for Beautéderm, it gives me purpose.”

The beauty industry today dominates by powerful women. They share their own success stories. From being no one to becoming high one. It takes courage to support one’s passion. Rhea has everything, she’s a successful ladyboss who uses her own products to assure their effectiveness and quality. She supports things she believes in and that’s why her customers believe in Beautéderm as well. She absorbs each experience with a humble heart and a driven mind.

“There were difficult moments, such as any success story, but looking at where we are now, I consider all of those hardships a “walk in the park.”

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