Arjo Atayde no time for bashers now

“YES, WE are exclusively dating,” was Arjo Atayde’s reply to the press when he was asked about his relationship with Maine Mendoza. 

And some other things were confirmed, like when he met Maine’s parents and their recent trip to Taiwan.

“Hanggang doon lang muna ang pwede kong masabi. Dahil nandoon pa lang naman kami on that level. She supports me in all that I do. And ganon din ako with her. We both feel just very happy. What you see is what you get.

“The pictures that came out were from her pictorial session. And I visited her. We wanted to do those poses. Yes, in the future I’d love to work with her. Sa ngayon, huwag muna. She’s worth waiting for. Kaya dedma na lang ako sa bashers. I am happy. She is happy.  In Taiwan, yes nag-adventure kami. Kung anuman ang birthday gift ko for her eh, sikreto na lang po. Basta now, it’s all one step at a time.”

It was so overwhelming to hear his directors Philip King, Lino Cayetano and Shugo Praico praise Arjo to high heavens with the kind of acting he gave for the ABS-CBN’s production unit Dreamscape Entertainment now Digital and Rein Entertainment’s “Bagman.”

The gritty socio-political action drama series about an ordinary man, a barber, who sacrifices his own moral values in order to provide for his family streams on March 20, 2019 on iWant via its iOS or Android apps or via web brower on 

A career defining role for Arjo, the iWant original series, offers a bold and eye-opening glimpse into the dark web of corruption.

Arjo plays Benjo, a barber and a dedicated family man whose barbershop is about to get demolished to give way to the municipality’s road-widening project. With a baby on the way, he agrees to do a task to keep his barbershop, where he eventually allows dubious transactions in exchange for extra money. He eventually becomes the Governor’s “bagman.”

Joining Arjo in the no-holds barred as far as language and violent and sexy scenes in the series are concerned, are equally prolific actors Raymond Bagatsing, Alan Paule, Yayo Aguila, Jet Pangan and Chanel Latorre.

Its first six episodes will start streaming for free on iWant on March 20, three more episodes on March 37, and the last three episodes on April 3.

Don’t miss it! In the comfort of your homes  you can already connect the streaming service to your TVs via Chromecast and Apple Airplay.


IT’S not even a question if the crown they will wear will fit their heads.

Just one thing is sure, that the “girls” who joined the very first ever Queen of the Philippines 2019 spearheaded by founder David Cabawatan and his partner in Aqueous Entertainment Vince Apostol didn’t just possess the good looks and the sexy bodies but there is more to what is between the eyes.

The 2,459 attendees at the Valenzuela Amphitheater in Bulacan can attest to the choices of the winners by the roster of judges that night headed by Aficionado Lord of Scents Joel Cruz, businessman Wilbert Tolentino, Bemz Dumlao Benedito of the LGBTQ and Make Your Nanay Proud, Rhodora Morales of ACTS OFW Party List, Influencer Ace Gapuz, Reporter Jeff Fernando, businesswoman Florita Brioso, Producer Arma Bacar, Artist Manager MC Cattery Cartaño and ABS-CBN Events Producer Darwin Chiong.

Spokesperson for #31JuanMovement Party List Arnell Ignacio hosted the prestigious event with Matricamae Centeno.

Walang itulak kaibigin. Out of the 24 contenders to the top 10 down to 5, the audience and the supporters of each candidate were just too happy with the results.

And after their crowns were given to Bolong Altamirano (4th runner up-Manila); Mela Jabijan (3rd runner up-Marikina); Aya Garcia (2nd runner up-Dumaguete); Casey Paculan (1st runner up-Quezon City) and the Queen and Grand Winner Ivern Arcache (of Tarlac), the girls continued with their advocacies in their communities-from medical missions and feeding programs, to planting, teaching and being of value to the world of  LGBT.

Another queen was picked to be part of David and Vince’s Star Image Artist Management, Chichay Castro.

According to Vince, “Of all the concerts we did in AQUEOUS ENTERTAINMENT since 2009,

Queen Of The Philippines will be the corporate social responsibility of a decade purely producing entertainment shows. This 2019 is the start of  more fulfilling decisions to really give back to the community. WITHOUT ALL OUR CANDIDATES, PARTNERS, SPONSORS, JUDGES AND OUR AUDIENCE this is surely not possible to happen. So we THANK YOU ALL.

“Now that we have the Queens! All Colors Unite and Celebrate!”

In November 2019, Queen Ivern will welcome the first of the candidates who will vie for the Miss Trans Universe 2019 here. Miss Thailand. More representatives from other countries will be announced soon!

Congratulations, ladies.

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