PEOPLE are shocked with the messages actress Angelica Panganiban is imparting in her social media accounts.

She was answering the bashers that came out with her ‘mga patungkol kay Carlo Aquino’ posts.

Her fans, Carlo’s fans, a lot of the netizens now have their say with every word she says.

“Maayos naman samahan namin. Sinira niyo lang. Sana masaya na kayo,” she wrote. “Sana rin matuwa idol niyo sa pagiwas ko sa kanya at malagay siya sa tahimik. Ako pala kasi sumisira sa idol ninyo. Enjoy 2019.”

How nakaka-sad. When most of us were already rooting for them to be together for real, as in for real.

Pakialameras and pakialameros won this time!

At hindi ito CHAROT!


MAY 2020, In the afternoon of the plebiscite elections, a group of P.I. citizens battle traffic and bad weather with mere hours before the closing of the voting precincts. The nation is set to vote on a plebiscite for the new charter that will establish Federalism. As new reports and surveys project, the elections will be tight. One vote can make the difference; one vote can change the course of history and the nation.

Amidst their rush, these characters get stock in a gridlock at a major road die to bad weather. With  owhere to go, they discuss and debate on why their vote matters and hiw the charter could affect their lives. Tension escalates when a helicopter and a rubber vote arrive to evacuate the people. All of a sudden  it’s a question of survival as an individual, and survival as a citizen, some would even say the survival pf democracy.

The play concludes with our characters reaching the polling station just minutes beforr elections close, but they find themselves in a standoff. According to the reports and their numbers, the votes they cast only even out the yes’ and nos’ to Federalism. After lookibg into each of the characters’s lives and their perceptions on democracy, painting a prospectus for the country, the last votes are given to the audience. Change is in their hands now, and what change will they choose to pursue?

THIS is the Synopsis of PETA’ (Philippine Educational Theater Association) kickstart for  their Stage of the Nation  Events for 2019 where “Charot!” will be featured.

A Filipino colloquial term that means “just kidding,” charot underlines a pun, a word used to downplay an otherwise scathing statement to mere jest. PETA’s “Charot!” presents the realities of the Philippine society in a strangely familiar satire that is both hilarious and ridiculous.

The play is set to run from February 8 to March 17 at the PETA-Phinma Theater, just before the May senatorial elections  which will largely affect how he issues of charter change (cha-cha) and federalism will pan out. “Charot!” focuses on the value of people’s participation as a key cornerstone of good governance and democracy.

PETA’s 51st Theater Season ender introduces a dynamic cast of newcomers and veterans: Jack Yabut as Papsy, Teetin Villanueva amd Gardo Vicente as Millennial Girl, Bene Manaois amd ABS-CBN Star Magic’s CJ Navato as Millennial Boy, Meanna Espinosa as Tita Mary Grace, Sister Joy, and Karen De Villa, Kitsi Pagaspas as Nanay, Jason Barcial and Gie Onida as Boss, Gio Gahol and Lemuel Silvestre  as Beki Grab Driver, Gild Villar-Lim and Jimma Nariz as Grethel Tuba, Icee Po and Rhapsody Garza as Mall Saleslady, and Norbs Portales as Street Vendor.

The artistic team includes up and coming talents as well as seasoned o es: J-mee Katanyag and Michelle Ngu (playwrights), Maribel Legarda (director), Vince Lim (musical director), Jeff Hernandrz (additional songs), Ian Segarra (choreographer), Boni juan (set designer), Julio Garcia (set supervisor), Gio Gahol (costume stylist), Debise Nayve (associate costume stylist), Gerhard Daco (technical director), Jonjon Villareal (lights designer), and Ellen Ramos (video and animation).

We had a glimpse. We had the taste.  To think what each of the characters will choose when election day comes.

What will make the play fun is the question and answer portion at the end through Mentimeter. To get the feels of the audience about federalism, about charter change and the many other “charots” that each day gives and brings us.

Naiibang fun! Makes you think funny ba talaga? Imaginary lang? Or just one big rehearsal?


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