Ang Larawan for MMFF’s Best Picture?

And they thought they won’t make it to the 8 movies in this year’s MMFF starting on Christmas Day.

Biritan and kantahan. That is what the viewers will see and hear in “Ang Larawan,” the Filipino musical based on Nick Joaquin’s play “A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino.”

Awesome! Is how the ensemble acting of Joanna Ampil, Rachel Alejandro, Paulo Avelino, Sandino Martin with Celeste Legaspi, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Noni Buencamino, Robert Arevalo, Menchu Lauchengco, Nanette Inventor, Cris Villonco, Aicelle Santos, Noel Trinidad, Leo Rialp, Bernardo Bernardo, Ogie Alcasid, Jaime Fabregas, Cara Manglapus, Jojit Lorenzo, and Dulce.


The diva of all divas Dulce portrays the role of Donya Upeng.

“Very strict sina Direk Loy Arcenas and Celeste, one of the producers with how we look. Kaya nataranta my make-up artist Jerome Chang when he was not able to get what they want with my look.

“Pero we were happy on the set and dahil nga we have been reliving history and a story we could pass on to future generations.

“About art, family, values, traditions and our culture. The plight of the sisters Candida and Paula, with the decisions they had to make in life.

“And for the project, that the viewers set to experience a different kind of musical that can be enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family.”

Culturtain Musicat Productions -culled from culture and entertainment, aims to promote nationalism and uplift Filipino pride through culture and entertainment.

“Production was started in 2015 pa. And we are just thankful that the members of the MMFF too a good second look at it. So, it can be shared to the viewing public,” adds Dulce.

We had the privilege to be invited to its preview. And yes, we were awed with the talents of the actors-singing and acting at the same time. In a different note of hogging the tunes. It was like watching and hearing a Disney kind of musical-only this is a different kind of drama. Of a different magnitude.

Will they win best picture? Reviewers say, “YES!”

Don’t miss watching this. And make your Christmas a musical kind of treat!


The story of Riza and Joel portrays by
Alex Gonzaga and Hero Angeles in tonight’s (December 9, 2017) episode of MMK is a must-see especially for those who believe in unconditional love.


Written by Joan P. Habana and directed by Theodore Boborol, a different kind of lovestory will grip your hearts to bits with “Donor Love.”

Also starring in the special episode are Allan Paule,  Isay Alvarez, Simon Ibarra, Ynez Veneracion, Zeppi Borromeo, Mikylla Ramirez, Nikki Gonzales, David Chua, and Lao Rodriguez.

“Donor Love” is the story of Riza who at 28 is diagnosed with kidney failure. She tries to maintain a normal life even if only 30% of her kidneys are working. She meets Joel (25) the breadwinner of his family. Joel is extremely shy, but also extremely hardworking. Riza tries to teach him to enjoy himself, and leave at least a little of his earnings for himself. Joel starts to open up to her, and becomes more self-assured because of Riza’s company. However, less than 2 years into the relationship, Riza’s kidney disease worsens. She becomes in need of a donor. After unsuccesfully finding a donor, Joel volunteers. They undergo several tests. And throughout all of this , Joel’s decision does not waver despite his family’s misgivings. The operation becomes successful, ensuring a better quality of life for Riza.

Now, Riza and Joel are happily married for almost 5 years.

Something to be inspired about!


Hundreds of child soldiers have been released recently by the country’s main rebel separatist group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as part of its commitment to the United Nations to end the recruitment and use of children within their ranks.

This, however, did not happen overnight.  The negotiations, according to reports, lasted for eight long years.

What happened throughout those years had given filmmaker Perry Escaño enough materials to write and create his debut full-length feature “Ang Guro Kong ‘Di Marunong Magbasa,” which, on MTRCB’s first review got an X-Rated classification, apparently due to “significantly violent scenes.”


But after the second review of the film, based on MTRCB’s guidelines, the film got a new rating – PG-13!

Thanks for the second review that now, viewers are enjoying the film in cinemas. And be aware of the importance of education and the stories of child warriors in the Philippines.

“I’m thankful that we got PG-13 rating after the second review by the MTRCB. The film is approved with very minimal cuts. The message of the story is intact, nothing has changed. The integrity of the storytelling is not affected,” quips direk Perry.

“The audience will still see the bloody and violent scenes in the movie, since based on my research, those realistic scenes are really happening in our country, especially in far-flung provinces in the Philippines where there are child warriors because of war.

“A million thanks to MTRCB for being lenient and for the opportunity that the YOUNGER VIEWERS will learn the value of education and have the chance to watch mature and socially relevant themes on the big screen.”

Escaño, also a film, TV, and theater actor before becoming a filmmaker, adds:  “Twenty to 30 percent of rebels in any particular group are children. They are trained to use guns and are put at the frontline of battles. There are many related issues concerning child warriors, but this film is related to the value of education.

“This film tells us that these children should be carrying books, not guns. If they could afford education, then we would see them in schools, and not in the battle field.”

Quezon City Representative and actor Alfred Vargas plays the lead role, Aaquil, a farmer who struggled to teach the children in his town to read and write, in spite of being illiterate himself.

Vargas says:  “I’m not used to having my previous films classified as X-rated.  My past films in Seiko were just until R-16, but we are grateful that MTRCB reconsidered our film ‘Ang Guro’ and reclassified it as P-16.  Now, the teen-agers will be able to watch this kind of relevant film material that is really happening in  our country.

“As a congressman, I would like to make use also of my craft as an actor to make socially relevant films like this one which must be an eye-opener to the government.”

“Guro” is Vargas’ first film in four years. “I’ve decided to concentrate on public service, but when I read the script, I couldn’t resist it. I immediately agreed to doing it because it’s actually hitting two birds with one stone — I can act and at the same time advocate education,” the actor says.

Also part of the main cast are three awarded child actors, Miggs Cuaderno, Marc Justine Alvarez, and Micko Laurente, who all had to train on how to properly handle fire arms before shooting the movie.

Keep our hearts, minds and eyes open to what is really happening around.

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