Ageless Lorna reveals she’s a loyal Beautederm user

Before she got an offer from Beautederm lady boss Rhea Tan, Grand Slam Queen Lorna Tolentino admits she’s a loyal user of the brand.

“I have been a loyal user of Beautederm for years and this is just a formality since I have always trusted this amazing product.”

Lorna adds, one must have that right attitude to having ageless beauty and shining showbiz career.

Rhea Tan, who’s a walking advertisement of her own brand, having that beauty, inside and outside, admires Lorna’s staying power. Rhea has that right attitude of a beautiful, successful businesswoman.

Beautederm embodies Rhea’s principle that beauty begins by taking care of one’s self, and by doing so a person will become more healthy, and shall exude beauty not only in the outside but in the inside as well.

As one of today’s top leaders in the beauty and wellness industry, Beautederm prioritizes safety and effectiveness above all with its FDA Notified products.

Currently, Beautederm has over 60 physical stores throughout the country and 1 in Lucky Plaza, Singapore; and has over a hundred resellers both locally and internationally.

Perfect for skin, the award-winning actress emphasizes that the brand maintains her glowing skin, especially today that she’s extended to doing Probinsyano.

She has been commissioned to be part of the ensemble cast of Probinsyano where she plays Lily.

“I started on March 1. I’m supposed to be in the series for only one month. But they got intrigued with the character so they wanted me to extend until September.”

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