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The PSR.

There are lot of stories in the showbiz that breaks the Internet. From showbiz breakups to showbiz revelations $1000 loan no job . We’ve seen them. We’ve heard them. We’ve written them. We write because we see the angle. We write because we see what happened. We write because we hear the real story. Bringing all these stories in just one click.

Philippine Showbiz Republic (psr.ph) started as a newbie last 2013. Those years were a roller coaster, experiencing ups and downs but has remained truthful to our goals as a brand – to write the story bounded by our principles.

PSR composed of writers who already built their names in the entertainment industry. To name a few, Archie Liao, columnist and writes for various publications and Roldan Castro, former PMPC president and writer. The PSR was established along with popular names in showbiz including Mildred Bacud who is now working as a radio anchor, Rodel Fernando, movie reporter, writer and radio anchor and Rommel Placente, columnist. These names helped in promoting PSR.

From newbie to authority, PSR is starting its fresh beginning, learning from the past experiences up to becoming an authority in the online showbiz news. It’s a new start for PSR. Adding in the list are Adam Cruz and Justin Pisueña who joined force in the web publishing, creating a good impact in visual communication, and Josh Mercado who’s a social media savvy and currently the news editor for PSR, writing and editing articles.

The continued demand of the expanding business of this online showbiz news required the active participation of Mr. Diosdado N. Cheng, a member of the Board of Directors. A Thomasian and chemical engineer by profession, he is now in charge of the company’s organizational development thereby increasing work productivity.

Completing the editorial board while concurrently seated as the Publisher is Marla David, a customer service connoisseur, Marla started her stint in BPI-acquired Far East Bank and Trust Company as Customer Service Head. Since then, she engaged herself in various retail efforts specializing in customer relations. With her value, Marla creates uniqueness as she manifests in her professional career her being entrepreneurial thereby creating impact in PSR and its mother company, DCPMI in negotiation efforts to various institutional tie ups.

On an interim basis, Mr. Ace David is the editor-in- chief while concurrently serving its mother company, DCPMI as the Chief Strategy Officer. He has been assigned by its Board of Directors in this transition position in order to ensure that the corporate vision, mission and core values are exercised and manifested in every article being published in this medium. Mr. David is a former Special Economic Development Advisor to the President of the Republic of Palau and is regularly invited as television resource person on economic matters most particularly during State of the Nation Address. He provides professional views on economics, banking, finance and investment among others.

PSR is a division of DCPManagers Inc., a management company spearheaded by team of professionals in the field of economics, banking and finance, practice of profession in the field of law and public accounting, chemical engineering, and broadcast journalism. The professional coalition of David, David, De Mesa, Cheng and Pellazar have crossed sporadically across fields, thereby creating diversified businesses within their hands. As DCPManager’s flagship to the online showbiz news, PSR shall continue to be true to its commitment bordered within acceptable norms in portal journalism and that showbiz news are all angled on facts and bounded by principles.

We are always on the watch for latest and hottest showbiz news as they break the internet. We are telling stories not creating stories. PSR is new, fresh, new blood, new chapter so you better stay with us!

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