Year After:  A Lawrence Lesangke’s Perspective


An elementary principle that always being taught to us during our schooling is what is the moral of the story? From mainstream movies to independent ones in whatever genre always entices the audience participation in relating the story of the movies they watch. A part of us that is always found in the real world we are living in and emotions that expresses our feelings in the hearts of our love ones. The movie entitled Year After will show to us that life is not always in the bed of roses. This is based on a true story of our beloved OFW’s in Dubai, as glitters of gold envelopes the environment that they are working 24/7 for their families, it is always a rocky road of relationships, regret, betrayal, loyalty and unconditional love. The creation of the film was a bit challenging as the scenes were made exclusively in Dubai. There were no seasoned actors or actresses behind the shooting of this film which is something to watch out for. The portrayals of characters of this film are very personal on the part of the actors as it is akin to their life as an OFW. The film was directed by Albert S. Gayo, main characters of the movie were 19688379_10154817527203753_2007839311_oAngelo Honorio and Arnel Hasigan. It is soon to be released in international and local theaters. The showcasing of talents of our fellow OFW’s in terms of acting and directing has now emerged to conquer the international theaters. A really big risk yet very courageous on the part of the whole cast. From the title of the movie “Year After” we now upgrade such basic principle, it does not only concerns the moral of the story but it also creates a change in how society breaks and destroys such unnecessary stereotypes. The movie is not about perfection, it’s about life and touching the hearts of the Filipinos residing and sojourning abroad. Best part of the movie which promises its viewers upon its screening is there were no cheesy lines. This is a movie that caters the life changing experience of our kababayan’s abroad.

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