A one-on-one talk with newbie actor Andrew Gan pictures one picture—he is honest. His way of throwing words is so sure. No candies on his mouth but straight answers. He carries himself well. One thing I had in my mind, when I did the interview, he looks like Paulo Avelino but for sure he has his own way of delivering his lines and he has his own way of describing what life is, what acting is, what showbiz is. And Andrew has his own way of telling me how sense of truth is so important.

His taste, and sense of business

The 24-year old hottie from QC owns a chicken house. He can do business. He cooks as well. His passion for cooking is the same entry to his passion for acting. I asked him on how difficult is to run a business. In running a business, you have to deal with people and you also have to run people. One thing is tasteful; he knows the exact ingredient of life. The way he masters his plating is a way of telling me that he masters organizing his life. An actor who’s not just a pretty face but an actor who knows life.

His sense of game

A proud half-chinese, half-Filipino blood shares his background. He spent his high school life at the Philippine Cultural College, a Chinese school while he got his diploma at the Lyceum of the Philippines. Andrew says that he values education. It teaches him the lessons of life. He used to be a varsity player. He loves playing basketball and that love for sports, he said, is forever. It’s a way of releasing all his stress. He always keeps his game and should always put his A-game. Whatever game in life, he is ready to fight and win his game. From running a business and putting all his emotions in taping, he manages his time to play his fave sport.

Photo by Edward Dela Cuesta
Photo by Edward Dela Cuesta

Love for fans

Social media fans are taking over. The online sphere has a lot to say about the career of an artist. In one just click, they can tell who’s in and who’s out. They can create a superstar. So fans are so important and the online brand of an artist. For Andrew, his fans are important. He gives time to meet with them and have a little bonding with them. Andrew mentioned his supportive fans Andrewnatics, Andrew lovers, Andrew International, and Andrew Squad. Because a good actor needs good supporters. With his over 13 thousand followers on instagram, Andrew emphasizes the need to acknowledge them. And it shows how kind he is to all his fans.

His sense of artistry

There were times that this hottie, good-looking, passionate actor gave up. He almost quit showbiz. He is so honest about his reason– he was waiting for his break. I love the fact that he has that attitude of pursuing his dreams. There are lots of good actors like Andrew who can really deliver. With the support of his family, he continues his craft. And he knows that acting is really his thing, and that cannot stop him from doing. Recently, he portrayed Romeo in a theatre play Romeo and Juliet. For him, the role is so big and it teaches him the difference between theatre acting and screen acting. Andrew explains it has to be big and exaggerated when doing theatre and when doing screen acting, you have to follow what the screen requires and it has to be formula-acting. ABS-CBN’s Be My Lady and Doble Kara were the soaps that he appeared in. He also appeared in Star Cinema’s The Third Party with Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, and Angel Locsin and appeared in award-winning indie film titled Namesake.

Photo by Edward Dela Cuesta
Photo by Edward Dela Cuesta

You can see him walking on a runway with good clothes on plus his boy-next-door aura. He also do ramp, screen, and print modelling. His height is perf for modelling. He once joined pageant but didn’t get the crown. He loves exploring and discovering what he can do. He loves going outside his comfort zone.

For his acting to improve, he attended workshops. Workshops from the masters Nanding, Neil Tolentino, and Mosang. I asked him the lessons and experiences he got from the workshops and he said that it’s so important to prepare, immerse, observe, and characterize. One thing I told him about him, “I can tell you’re an actor, the way you speak and explain.”

 His sense of truth

 According to Andrew, the life of a character comes if the actor gives his sense of truth. Actors should study and observe the real life personas, its way of living, its way of communicating. In portraying role, he said that he always put the character’s real sense of being. The character’s experiences and background should always consider. It’s not you copy, but you portray a real life. Sense of truth is a way of showing that people exist and as an actor you’re the one making it real to screen. This highlights my whole interview with him because I love how he explained sense of truth. I easily sense his authenticity and artistry.

 The newbie actor tells PSR the actors that he wants to work with—John Lloyd Cruz, Maja Salvador, and Tirso Cruz. He said that he admires John Lloyd’s acting ability. The always trending Maja Salvador in Wildflower is the actress that he is attracted to. And Tirso Cruz sets an example for keeping that fame and professionalism.

Currently, he’s part of GMA’s Super Ma’am starring Marian Rivera, Carmina Villarroel, Helen Gamboa, Jackie Lou Blanco, Kim Domingo, Gerald Napoles, and many more. This upcoming action-fantasy-drama is directed by LA Madridejos and will premiere on September 18. He also shares his upcoming indie movie with the Superstar Nora Aunor and Die Beautiful star Paolo Ballesteros.

The road is long for Andrew but one thing he is sure about– he’s sure about his way. And his sense of truth will make him on top. His look, charm, talent, and personality are the things that show but it’s always his sense of truth that shines.


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