Robin Padilla reboots ‘Bad Boy 2’


(Photo from Robin Padilla’s fb page)

After a one year contract renewal with ABS-CBN last July 29, where he has regular slots in Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) and “Sana Dalawa ang Puso,” there is no stopping his steady career and the phenomenal staying power of Robin Padilla in showbiz.

He just got back from Japan, a Money Gram event where Robin is an endorser says Lina Alagao, when ask what Robin is up to behind the scenes.

“Birthday rin kahapon ng anak ni Kylie, Kosa, at active pa rin yung Fan Club SOLID ROBIN PADILLA 1995,” she adds.

Apart from his present upcoming projects, Robin advocates for the welfare of Muslims in Mindanao, in war torn areas in Marawi which includes his support for fund-raising and home-building to which his passion for the people of Marawi is very visible.

Robin Padilla indeed has grown up and evolved before our eyes — we have seen the agony of his defeats and the thrill of his victory since his “Bad boy” days in the 90’s, an iconic Robin Padilla brand that is going to be released soon, a reboot.

To millennials, the movie was quite vague unless their parents are “Robin Padilla crazy.” They could have heard about it or saw re-runs on T.V.


“Bad Boy” was released in 1990, directed by the late Eddie Rodriguez, a motion picture where he got the moniker “Bad Boy” and the reboot is closely awaited by Robin Padilla fans; his fans on social media are a-buzz about it a proof that his appeal to the masses is still going strong in a rapidly changed movie world.

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