The laugh and entertainment behind The Library’s success


A haven you can consider your second home.

And the chapters of fun and laughter just goes on and on with each passing night. Rain or shine!

The Library was established in June 21, 1986, a couple of months after the historical EDSA Revolution.

And with all the turmoil of that time, the Filipinos needed a break from it all.

What inspired its proprietor, Andrew de Real, to break away from it all was the sincere and passionate desire to create a haven of performing artists with pure love for the perfect blend of comedy, music and clean fun.

And given the unspoken word of void that is present in all of us, the concept of setting up a venue which is originally a room full of books and deafening silence and turning it into a buzzing and vibrant location of music, laughter and entertainment, naturally followed.

Of course, the rest became history.

For the past 32 years, The Library has always been the original haven of the best stand-up comedians in the country.

Consequently, TIME Magazine (April 2002 ed.) has immortalized the said Philippine stand-up comedy club into its pages. And locally, the Department of Tourism considers The Library as a “must visit” place in Manila in its first yearbook.

The Library’s secret formula is an unending well of fresh talents, ideas, scripts and shows that continue to entertain its audience to the maximum to this day.

And these talents have transcended from the live stage to Philippine television, cinema and radio and other genres and established names for themselves.


Among The Library’s roster of exquisite talents are Arnell Ignacio, Ai-Ai Delas Alas, Allan K., Lenard Obal, Rey Kilay, Bobby Solis, Philip Lazaro, Hans Mortel, Anton Diva, Kim Idol, Pooh, Martin D’ Icon, La Vivorah, May Bayot, Dax Martin, La Bacci, Raging Divas, Sweet Tart Carlos, Viveika Ravanes, Arnell Tamayo, Chad Kinis, Onse, Vicky Show, Mac, Inday Garutay, Rowell Quizon, Lucky Robles, Petite Brokovich, Pepay, Donita Nose, Ruffa Mi, Negi, Sami Dehitta, Wacky Macky, Mark Mabasa, Betty La Fea, Osang, Boobsie Wonderland, Michael Cruz, Teri Onor, John Sweet Lapus, Wally Bayola and Vice Ganda.

And it is only fitting that on June 21, 2017, The Library will mark its 32nd anniversary with “THE BEST OF THE BEST…A NIGHT TO REMEMBER”, a show that promises to cement the comedy bar’s already stellar status in the consciousness of the Filipino audience.

As with the other years, “The Best of The Best…A Night to Remember” will feature The Library’s esteemed talents in a musical buffet of song, dance and comedy numbers introduced by top caliber hosts such as Peter Hilton, Jan Marini, Dax Martin, Michelle O’Bombshell and Gie Kinis.

The show will also pay tribute to those entertainers who have remained dedicated and steadfast to The Library in its over 3 decades of existence through its Loyalty Award. Other recognitions include Star of the Night, Best Group Presentation, Best Group and the coveted and elite award of Entertainer of the Year.

In line with this, we enjoin you to celebrate with us! It will be our honor to have you there. For inquiries, please contact our Marketing Head, James Louie A. Salazar at 0915 – 4444614.

See you at The Library on June 21, Malate, Manila.

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