Fil-Am artist Lou Baron has burning surprises before year ends


Writing and looking after their musical careers since 2015 was quite eyeopening as far as avantgarde projects and music is concerned; new, unusual and experimental ideas are rare, but seeing exceptional artists actually doing it is another story; what happens when Los Angeles Breakthrough artist (2014) Awardee Lou Baron teams up with ”Burning Red” Best New Hard Rock Band & Asia World Class Excellence (2016) awardees team up?

The results I suspect will be a great musical collaboration and stunning shows.

After “That’s Life” produced by Michael Gavrizescu‎ of Burning Red performing with Fil-AM artist Lourdes Duque Baron several years back — a new collaboration is finally in the works for 2018.


With new tracks released this year for her 6th album singing Barry White’s cover version of “Love Theme,” Lou Baron also wrote the Lyrics for the famous song.

Lou Baron’s  passion for singing is really amazing having 5 new singles: To Be Loved, Blue Velvet, Love’s Theme, Red Red Wine, and Bad Girl —- ALL produced by Gemini Musiq / Haguy Mizrahi in Burbank studio , a Grammy nominee.

Burning Red, MICHAEL GAVRIZESCU VOCALS/GUITAR, DENISE GAVRIZESCU Bass, JASON KAPLAN DRUMS —-a rock trio founded by twin siblings Michael and Denise Gavrizescu and joined by Jason Kaplan on drums, based in Los Angeles, California, performs and produces music infused with several genres mixing modern rock, 80’s rock, pop structure, and metal.


Burning Red exudes a chemistry on stage that is unique, a far cry from any average band, having recorded and written their debut self-titled five-track EP published under Fanoti Productions in December 2015 making a mark on the Rock scene in USA and making a name for themselves throughout Asia.

Burning Red’s originality and passion has catapulted them in the Music scene gaining popularity and a fan base eagerly awaiting them onstage and watching out for new projects to come.


Manila Rock aficionados may just be waiting for them to Rock out soon in the next days to come.

Lou Baron Arrives on July 15, 2018 to work on several projects in Film and Music.

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