Director Craig Lines shows his film ‘The Owner’


“THE OWNER,” is a film that follows the journey of a lost backpack around the world. Sounds interesting!

The international feature film showcases the many mysteries of the bag’s travels, while showing the intersecting lives of the fascinating characters it got in touch with throughout the story. Intrigued?

“The Owner” is a true masterpiece with a story that spans five continents collaborated on by a whopping number of 25 filmmakers. Sounds fun!

The movie is a perfect example of a work of art that gives TV-watching a deeper meaning. It encourages people to think and consider, and it also gives everyone the chance to be open to things that could enrich their lives and mindsets through their TV experience.

And this is where DEVANT comes in!

DEVANT is a renowned television provider which advocates to create moments with its 7:30 p.m. TV Get Together (G2G) campaign. A move where it encourages everyone to spend time with their friends and family by bonding over their favorite shows.

The advent of technology. Changing the people’s lives and habits. Screens getting smaller with internet connectivity in the center of entertainment-the TV remains steadfast in these changing times.

TV audience measurement provider Kantar Media reported that in 2016, 96.6 of Filipinos tune in to their daily viewing habit on TV the average hours of which are 3.7 hours in average.

With the aim of bringing people together, Devant teamed up with Marco Polo Ortigas and Craig Lines for the exclusive screening of the film, “The Owner” last Tuesday (August 8, 2017) where the stunning scenes or visuals from the movie was experienced using Devant’s lineup of Ultra HD televisions and surround sound system. Which proved that a simple hobby like sharing a movie was made more meaningful and memorable with other people.

Director Craig shared his movie with the press and special guests.

Craig Lines is a multi-award winning director, which includes two BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards) and Royal Television Society  Award (2010/2011) whose been involved in the film industry for more than 20 years, in all kinds of filmmaking, mainly directing award-winning primetime British Television Drama series and writing , producing and directing many medium-length and short films which had theatrical releases and has also worked on dozens of commercials, corporate programs and documentaries.

And for the very first time in his career, will be directing TV shows in the Philippines.

“I don’t agree that there are limitations of creativity due to unforgiving schedules and moderate budgets and I always keep my work stylish, creative and high quality despite any constraints,” said the cool director who hails from the United Kingdom.

Director Craig didn’t fail the audience who went to see “The Owner” and stayed glued to their seats as they journeyed with the backpack or rucksack which seemed to have never found a home with the trips it’s done to the different countries where its fate brought it. And 25 directors collaborated to finish the film which went around five continents.

“It’s a new way of filmmaking,” as how Director Craig would put it.

And with Devant, TV watching is still the lifestyle for most of us. A bonding moment. Think telenovelas. Now accessed through video on demand -Netflix, iFlix, HOOQ, K-dramas.

20727422_10156209614015961_1598528647_o25 Filmmakers. 5 Continents. 1 Backpack. 1 World. 1 Journey!

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