A comeback of Pinoy action film starring Monsour del Rosario


Bagging awards for his work as a filmmaker at the Cinemax HBO Action Film Competition, the Urban Action Showcase and Expo at the Ambassador’s Night under the Film Development Council of The Philippines (FDCP) in 2017; Vince Soberano was Known for his skills in Martial Arts later moving into film making.

Fusing his Passion for Martial Arts and the Silver screen, utilizing State of the Art equipment and rounded an Exemplary cast from the Martial Arts arena and promoting Filipino Martial Arts is — a tough act to follow, risky in a way that people find it interesting and fascinating.


His latest Film called “Trigonal”— is a story only Martial Arts fighters may recognize; the film revolves around “an underground fighting circuit run by an international crime syndicate invades a retired MMA champion’s small, idyllic island hometown.
Syndicate thugs brutally assault his wife and kill his best friend, leaving him with no other choice but to fight for justice.”

Vincent Soberano
Vincent Soberano

Originally a Muay Thai fighter and former Filipino world Champion Vincent Soberano’s aim to revive action film, reliving the macho genre that quieted down in the local scene for a couple of years now may bring hope to Filipino audiences that they may just see an Action film worth seeing again.

“Trigonal” Got a distribution deal in China and Goes to Cannes says Ian Ignacio who takes the Lead as Jacob Casa.

The Cast includes Sarah Chang as Mei Li, Rhian Ramos as Annie Casa, Monsour del Rosario as Sensei Mike Vazquez, Jeffrey Quizon as Dodoy.


“Trigonal” released in China, May 12 and July in Manila.

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