10 Things Millennial Don’t Know about Monsour del Rosario


Awarded the World body as Man of the year for his contribution to Taekwondo recently—He was the first Foreign Taekwondo fighter to be accorded the Prestigious Honor in Korea; former Olympian and Action Star Monsour del Rosario, who also serves as a Legislator in the first district of Makati City is currently beating work in Congress while going through hurdles when mainstream Sports media wrongfully reported a statement, he apparently said.

While the “mistake” was rectified, the Congressman almost gave up his role as a Chef De Mission to the 2019 SEAG; thank God he bounced back & took the job, with Filipino Athletes in mind.

Taking the lead with the goal to bring in medals for the Country from SEAG in 2019.

Monsour del Rosario is now a part of the minority at the House of Representatives to fifteen Committees: Basic Education, Dangerous Drugs, Ecology, Ethics and Privileges, Games & Amusement, Good Government and Public Accountability, Health, Housing & Urban Development, Justice, Metro Manila Development, National Defense and Security, Public Order and Safety, Tourism, Transportation and Youth and Development.


However his busy Schedule in Congress does not stop him from doing his rounds twice a week at the first district of Makati, attending to the needs of his constituents in Makati.

10 Things Mellennials Don’t Know About Monsour Del Rosario

1. ) He was the First Olympian Taekwondo Fighter in the Philippines in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.


2. ) He became and Action Star/Actor solely to promote Taekwondo in the Country.

3. ) He was schooled in La Salle and came from a well to do family, resided with his Paternal Grand Mother in Forbes Park, Makati.


4. ) He appeared in International Action and Martial Arts Flicks like Demonstone (1989), Bloodfist 2 (1990), When Eagles Strike (2003), Bloodfist 2050 (2005), and The Hunt for Eagle One (2006) and is rubbing elbows with International Action Superstars such as Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van dame and Mark Dacascos.


5. ) He is the ex -Boyfriend of Dawn Zulueta and Agot Isidro.


6. ) He is a Bruce Lee fan and took on “The Bruce Lee Philosophy.”

7. ) Other Children Bullied him when and ask his Dad that he must learn Karate.

8. ) He cannot speak Tagalog when He came back to Manila and only spoke Illongo/Spanish and English.


9. ) He is also Filipino Martial Arts promoter and Practitioner.

10. ) He has a very soft heart and will cry easily in certain occasions in Joy or trying times.

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